Handan Double Blue Fastener

Carbon Steel White Zinc Wedge Anchor

Carbon Steel White Zinc Wedge Anchor


  • Size DIN: M6 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 M18 M20 M24
  • ANSI: 1/2 1/4 3/4 3/8 5/8 5/16 1”
  • Surface treatment: WZP YZP HDG
  • Material: Carbon steel
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    This product has longer threads and is easier to install. It is often used in heavy-duty installations.

    To obtain a reliable and huge tightening force, it is necessary to ensure that the clamp ring fixed on the gecko is fully expanded. And the expansion clamp must not fall off the rod or twist or deform in the hole.

    The calibrated tensile force values are all tested under the conditions of cement strength of 260 ~ 300kgs / cm2, and the maximum value of the safety load must not exceed 25% of the calibrated value.

    Application Area

    Suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structures, metal profiles, floor plates, support plates, brackets, railings, windows, curtain walls, machines, beams, beams, brackets, etc.

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    Product Features

    Our Heavy Duty Wedge Anchor is the perfect solution for your concrete and masonry projects. With its strong and durable design, you can trust that your project will stay securely in place. The pack of 10 anchors provides ample supply for your needs, whether you're working on a small project or a larger one.

    Made from high-quality steel, our wedge anchor is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Its unique wedge shape provides a tight grip that won't slip, ensuring that your project stays put. The anchor also features a threaded stud that makes it easy to attach your project to the anchor.

    Installation is easy and quick, with no special tools required. Simply drill a hole in the concrete or masonry, insert the anchor, and tighten the nut. You can then attach your project to the threaded stud.

    Our Heavy Duty Wedge Anchor is suitable for a wide range of projects, including attaching fixtures, shelving, and equipment to concrete and masonry surfaces. Its strength and durability make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

    In summary, our Heavy Duty Wedge Anchor is a reliable and strong solution for your concrete and masonry projects. With its pack of 10 anchors, you can be sure that you have enough to complete your project with ease. Try it out today and experience the security and peace of mind that comes with a reliable wedge anchor.

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